Advanced training courses of teaching personnel

IBPN FEB RAS took part in the advanced training courses of teaching personnel conducted by the MOGAU DPO "Institute for the Development of Education and Advanced Training of Teaching Personnel".

      The excursion around the Institute was given for the teachers of Biology of Magadan. The leading researchers told about their investigations, showed their equipment and gave lectures.


    The main lectures were presented by candidate of Biology, Ph.D., A.V. Kondratiev "Ornithofauna of the Magadan Region" and candidate of Biology, Ph.D., G.I. Atrashkevich "Helminths of anadromous salmons of the Northern part of the Sea of Okhotsk".


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New publication in "The Romanticism of Working Routine" Volume IV

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You are welcome to read the new publication "Embryonic development of the Pacific navaga in Tauisk Bay" in Volume IV of the online-journal "The Romanticism of Working Routine"

Director of IBPN FEB RAS Radchenko O.A. was awarded the title of Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences!

Under the Resolution of the general meeting of the Department of Biological Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences № 2 on March 28, 2018, O.A. Radchenko, Doctor of biological sciences, the director of our institute, was awarded the title - Professor of RAS.


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Congratulations to Olga Arkadyevna Radchenko, we wish her new discoveries and success in the scientific field!