Thanks for cooperation!

       IBPN FEB RAS and Kinross Gold Corporation have successful cooperation during several years (since 2010). The summer of 2017 was not excluding in this sense. Due to help and support of Chukotka Gold Mining Co. (affiliated company of Kinross Gold Corporation) we could hold on two international research projects in this summer at Chaun Biological Station of IBPN as follows, Russian-Chinese project “Study on migration routes and inhabitation of Anatidae waterbirds in Russia and China using GSM tracking” and Russian-Swedish project «Arctic islands – ecological processes in the past, present and future. Wrangel and Chaun expedition 2017». Logistical issues like: cargo transportation, materials for the Station repairing and filed team delivery, including helicopter ride to the Station, was kindly provided by Chukotka Gold Mining Co, Magadan. Scientists and students express their grateful to Chukotka Gold Mining Co.

       IBPN FEB RAS, participants and authorized workers of this projects express deep gratitude and appreciation to Chukotka Gold Mining Co. and Kinross Gold Corporation.

 Catching of swans  Sampling of soil for paleo DNA


A New monograph is published!

   A new monograph "Molecular Systematics and Phylogeny of Zoarcoid Fishes" has been published. The author of the monograph is Ph. D., director of IBPN FEB RAS - Olga Radchenko.

    The book presents new information about the biological diversity of a large group of percoid fishes of the suborder Zoarcoidei. On the basis of data on variability of mitochondrial and nuclear DNA the system of the suborder is built, which is designed to solve the unclear issue on the composition and position of the genera, subfamilies, their phylogenetic relationships, origin and dispersal zoarcoid fishes.

    The obtained results can be used for inventory of biological diversity, protection and rational exploitation of fish gene pools and training of specialists in the field of fish genetics, ichthyology, fisheries.



Published at financial support of the Russian Foundation of Basic Research, grant # 17-14-00055


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Please Pay your attention!!! New article in our online-journal!

Dear visitors in our online-journal you can find new information about Adaptive Strategies of Frogs to Wintering Temperatures on the Holarctic North Margins.


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