Natural Monument “Losovsky Forest”

The Institute of Biological Problems of the North proposes to create a specially protected area nearby the village of Snezhnaya Dolina - a natural monument of regional importance “LOSovsky forest”.

Planted trees of common pine, an honor of innovative experiment of 1958

Siberian spruce trees, brought from the river Yama, 1962

The territory proposed for SPNR (specially protected natural reservation) is located on lands previously occupied by the Forest Experimental Station (LOS). Few people remember about the work of LOS, the most important functions and tasks it performed. A brief history of LOS, as well as information on the work of the experimental station can be found  here.

The site proposed for SPNR includes 3 natural plant complexes of artificial and natural origin:

1. Planting of common pine - first in the region, existing since 1958

2. Group planting of fir-trees - Ayan, Siberian, European and their hybrid forms, planted in 1960-70. Beside spruces, plantings of other introduced trees, such as apples, Dahurian hawthorn, Siberian peashrub, Cotoneaster melanocarpus, are still preserved at this reservation.

3. The area of larch forest with undergrowth of Siberian dwarf pine adjacent to the cultural plantings.

The combination of artificially created evergreen conifers and deciduous larch forests of natural growth, including rare species, represent high ecological, cognitive and scientific value, significantly enriching our harsh northern nature.


Crowns of firs - a favorite habitat of the brown squirrel

 Brown squirrel

The creation of SPNR implies the creation of an “ecological path” - a route, specially designed for the purposes of environmental education and training, with informational stands along it telling about the characteristics of vegetation and the general diversity of the local flora. The route can be visited independently and / or in organized excursions and demonstration lessons for schoolchildren, with the involvement of specialists in Botany and Ecology.

The environmental objectives for the creation of a specially protected natural reservation of ​​regional significance - the natural monument “LOSovsky forest” can be found  here.

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