Field Stations

Insufficient exploration degree of the vast region of almost 1200000 km2 and near absence of transport infrastructure determined a non-standard organization of the field works. For the short period of time a network of field stations and field camps were built in all main landscape zones, which had no counterparts both in USSR and all over the world. It was field stations and long-term field camps that allowed “monitoring of biodiversity” and obtaining data, which became a gold fund of the Institute. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the 90-ies the field stations had to stop their activity due to the poor financing of researches. Nowadays only two field station function – “Markovo” and “Chaun”.

Coordinates of functional field stations and camps: Markovo - 64°41´N 170°25´E, Chaun ­- 68°46´N 170°33´E, Orotuk – 62°03´N 148°39´E, Talan – 59°19´N 149° 04´E, Kontakt – 61°51´N 147° 39´E, Buyunda - ­ 62°26´N 153°21'E.

Field stations (1) and field camps (2) of the Institute of Biological Problems of the North.

Working stations and camps are noted with red color, non-working – with white color.